Sarenne Snow Bike

Sarenne Snow Bike

in Alpe D'huez, Huez

  • Mountain bikers are expected at an altitude of 3330 meters at Pic Blanc for an untimed descent on a groomed track. And what a lead! The mythical Sarenne and its 16 km of white gold.

  • On nearly 2000 meters of negative elevation, they will engage their spirit of competition, their sense of balance and their sporting passion until the arrival in Huez.
  • Spoken languages

    • English
  • Rates

    Pack 1 (race + meal) at € 18.50 / pers. : race, insurance and meals (reserved for holders of a ski pass valid on April 23, 2022)

    Pack 2 (package + race + meal) at € 35.50 / pers. : race, insurance, meal and afternoon ski pass (+ 2 € ski pass support)

    Reservation only online
    Minimum age: 16 years old and parental authorization compulsory for minors.


  • On April 23, 2022