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Oz en Oisans


Open from June, 29 to August, 30 2019


Oz Station

Oz, a charming family resort:
Nestled at 1350m in the heart of the Massif des Grandes Rousses, Oz has the charm and authenticity of a family resort. Come and discover its friendly ambiance with its houses of stone and wood, charming hotels and traditionally decorated chalets.

Oz, close to you:
Oz has the fastest access to the high mountains in the Oisans. Just 55 km south of Grenoble, only 45 minutes’ drive away, join us and enjoy the pleasures of the mountains in the sun.

Oz, a pedestrianized resort, perfect for children:
In Oz, the center of the resort is exclusively for pedestrians. Shops, services and restaurants are close by. Children can enjoy themselves and parents can relax.


Oz Village and its hamlets

Placed between the Belledonne et Grandes Rousses mountain ranges, Oz en Oisans is made up of 10 hamlets and the resort of Oz Station, reaching from de 800-1350m.

The hamlets, Oz Village, le Roberand, le Bessey, Sardonne, l’Ile d’Oz, le Boulangeard, le Pontonnier, la Beurrière, la Voûte, le Pré de l’Arche and l'Enversin are so widely scattered they make Oz one of the largest municipalities in the Oisans.

These hamlets, with their enigmatic names redolent of a mysterious past, are constructed in the traditional style of the Oisans and include ancient barns, water fountains and wash houses. The 19th century church in Oz village has a square bell tower topped with a pyramid.


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