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Escalade Sur Glace 2019 @charlotte Rochette (8)Escalade Sur Glace 2019 @charlotte Rochette (8)
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Ice climbing

The idea of climbing a wall of ice might seem a bit crazy at first! Yet it’s an accessible activity you can do in Oz 3300!

Experience the excitement of

ice climbing

Try your hand at ice climbing at some amazing natural spots such as La Fare waterfall or the Symphonie d’Automne. Taking on a wall of ice is an adventure which is accessible even to beginners supervised by an instructor. You’ll discover the ephemeral world of ice on your approach before you even start the climb. Armed with a helmet, harness, belay device, crampon-compatible shoes, etc., you’ll be ready to scale these magnificent ice formations with the help of ice axes and crampons. Not always very accessible, ice climbing is becoming an activity open to all, guaranteed to give you an unusual and exciting experience. ‘Symphonie d’Automne’, a beautiful 70m-high waterfall, is perfect for beginners for a climb of one or more pitches. As for the way back down, abseiling at sunset is an unmissable experience

A stone’s throw from

frozen waterfalls

Via the Alpette and Poutran ski lifts, it’s easy to get to some incredible ice climbing spots with lovely names: Mur d’Ice Bill, Scotch on the Rock, the Roudoudou, Chacal Bondissant and Symphonie d’Automne to name a few. There’s also a magnificent ice formation in the shadow of the Pic de l’Etendard – Cascade de la Fare, an ephemeral winter wonder.


Discover the ephemeral world of ice!

Symphon’Ice is an ice climbing gathering that takes place every two years at Oz 3300 at the end of January. Natural climbing areas will be set up for attendees to use and guides and instructors will be on hand to help. There will also be more specialized workshops for more experienced climbers including an introduction to Dry Tooling, protection workshop and mountain routes.