Station d'Oz-en-Oisans sous la neigeStation d'Oz-en-Oisans : chalets sous la neige
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Oz is the easiest resort in the Oisans region to get to, situated 55km south of Grenoble, only one hour away by car. Come and join us and enjoy sun and snow sports in the Alpe d’Huez Grand Domaine ski area.



Nestled in the mountains at 1350m, at the heart of the Alpe d’Huez Grand Domaine ski area, Oz has all the charm and authenticity of a family resort where you don’t need to take your skis off to get around. Come and experience its friendly atmosphere, with its small buildings clad in stone or wood and chalets set against a backdrop of fir trees.


Village and hamlets

Located between Belledonne and the Grandes Rousses mountains, Oz en Oisans is made up of 10 hamlets and a resort ranging from 800 to 1350m in altitude. 10 hamlets spread out over a large area, making Oz one of the largest communes in the Oisans region. Oz Village, le Roberand, le Bessey, Sardonne, l’Ile d’Oz, le Boulangeard, le Pontonnier, la Beurrière, la Voûte, le Pré de l’Arche, l’Enversin. These hamlets, with mysterious names in some cases, contain many treasures left behind from a past and an architectural style specific to Oisans; former barns, wash houses, fountains and more. Not to mention the 19th century church in Oz Village and its square bell tower topped with a pyramid.

A ski-in/ski-out resort

In the winter, as soon as snow covers the ground, adults and children slalom right through the village, between the shops and restaurants, and ski right up to the door of their accommodation. Just the relaxed and laid-back way of life you imagine when you think of holidays in the mountains…

Oz-en-Oisans - Hiver [Teaser]
Oz-en-Oisans - Hiver [Teaser]
Oz-en-Oisans - Hiver [Teaser]

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