Experience Trapper evening
Soirée Trappeur 2020@charlotte Rochette (26)Soirée Trappeur 2020@charlotte Rochette (26)
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Trapper evening

Fancy an escape in the wild without needing to go far from the resort? No problem! Erwin & Barbara, with their pack of Siberian huskies, will take you on a trip with a difference. Strap on your snowshoes, put on your hat and gloves, and you’ll be taken on a journey into the forest at nightfall to get in touch with your inner trapper.

First meeting

with the dogs

Meeting the huskies is always a fun and magical moment, for kids and grown-ups alike. It’s an emotional experience. The main thing you need to learn is to interpret the dogs’ general behavior; how to greet them, approach them, respect them, etc. For this trapper evening, take your time choosing your walking companion, because you’ll need to take care of them for the whole trip. Just like with humans, you can have an affinity with an animal. Don’t hesitate to ask Barbara for details on their different character traits!

Cani-rando –

what is it?

Cani-rando is hiking with a sled dog; a long elasticated cord connects the hiker to their companion. This makes going uphill easier and enables you to work in synergy with the animal. Huskies have energy to spare, but your snowshoe outing is not a race! After learning some simple commands (left, right, slowly, forwards, etc.) you’ll be ready to set off.

In the heart of

the forest

Warm jacket: done up! Snowshoes: sorted! Headlamp: on!
After checking that your harness and belt are done up correctly, it will be time for you to head into the heart of the forest with the mushers. As you walk, you’ll be able to see hundreds of lights glowing in the darkness. It’s a chance to see the resort in a different light – Oz by night.

A trapper


A well-deserved treat awaits you at the end of the route; Erwin, your chef for the evening, will be waiting by the fire to share with you, first of all, a little pre-dinner drink made in Oisans. Your canine companion gets a drink too; before you can start the celebrations, you’ll need to tether them and give them some water, flavoured with sardine juice – the little secret to a tasty treat for them. After this time together, you’ll be able to taste a Scandinavian meal cooked over a wood fire. Simple but delicious recipes, in the true tradition of treks in the far North. After hearing Erwin and Barbara’s stories of the mountains, it will be time to head home to snuggle up in bed and fall asleep dreaming of this wonderful Nordic experience.

Will you be able to remember the names of the 30 dogs in the pack? 

Here are some clues: Moon, Chinook, Ithai, Nashoba, Maikan, Nikita, Nousky, Joy, Nevada, Jeydep… over to you!