Lac Besson 2019 294Lac Besson 2019 294
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A mustThe Plateau des Lacs des Petites Rousses

The Plateau des Lacs des Petites Rousses

Slip on your hiking boots and set off at 2000 m altitude to discover the Lacs des Petites Rousses plateau, a listed natural site. An exceptional natural area for walking around 5 lakes, separated by wet meadows and glacier-polished rocks. A nature walk much appreciated by families!

Discover… the plateau des lacs

From Oz 3300s, take the Alpette or Poutran gondola to access the magnificent wild plateau of the Petits Rousses lakes. At an altitude of 2,000 m, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the Belledonne, Taillefer and Vercors ranges. Take the Loop of Lakes trail and you’ll enter the heart of a listed natural site. The trail follows five lakes: Lac Besson, Lac Blanc, Lac Noir, Lac Faucille and Lac Carrelet. Each offers a different color, size and depth. Take a moment to photograph Lac Noir, known for its mirror effect where all the beauty of the sky and landscape is reflected on its surface.

Photographing… mountain flora and fauna

Hiking is an opportunity to discover the flora and fauna of this subalpine balcony. The lakes are home to fish and small amphibians. Along the water’s edge, rhododendrons grow in small copses and produce fragrant pink flowers, as well as martagon lilies, wild orchids, glacier buttercups, spring gentians, European thistles and trolls… During your walk, you may hear the cry of marmots sheltering under the rocks. Keep quiet and keep your eyes open for the chance to spot a few. You may also spot chamois leaping from rock to rock, perfectly balanced on the sheer cliffs… And don’t forget to look up to admire the flight of birds and birds of prey.

Discover the itinerary!

This tour is perfect for families and occasional hikers. Easy to access by gondola, you’ll appreciate the different views of the Belledonne, Taillefer, Grandes Rousses and Écrins massifs.