ExperienceTrying out new snow sports
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Trying out new snow sports

There are other ways to have fun sliding down the slopes! Close to the ground on the Airboard or balancing on the Trikke, try out up to six different quirky types of winter sports equipment for a new snow sport experience. With its mix of fun, discovery and play, trying out new winter sports is a great activity for all the family.

Choose your favourite

and hit the slopes!

An alternative to skiing

Whether you’re a skier or not, with new winter sports you can discover new ways of sliding down the slopes, different from the conventional snowboards, skis or sledges. You can zoom down the Olmet sledging run on one of the six types of equipment offered by the tourist office, in complete safety. Our activity leaders will be there to guide you and explain how to use each product.

Experience six unusual snow sports!

Once you’ve got your helmet, you’ll be able to choose between these new types of ‘sliding equipment’:

The Airboard:

a sort of inflatable sledge where you lie on your stomach as you hurtle down the slopes, steering with your whole body. Being so close to the ground makes it feel even faster!

The Trikke:

Swap the wheels of a tricycle for skis and you get a Trikke! Slide down the slope with your hands on the handlebars and the wind in your hair! Stability guaranteed!

The Dual:

Will you be able to keep your balance on this mini two-part snowboard? Definitely the most difficult one to master! Will you accept the challenge?

The Yooner:

Keep the feeling of speed but sitting down this time! The Yooner is fast, light and easy to manoeuvre. Why not have a few races on it?

Evo Snow:

More difficult than the Trikke – you use handlebars while standing on a snowboard!

The Snowskate:

So you’re an expert when it comes to tricks in the skate park? But will you be able to do the same in the snow? Put your skills to the test with the Snowskate!