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HighlightTorchlit descents

Torchlit descents

Skiing holidays and torchlit descents go hand in hand! Watching the lights flickering as they trace winding lines down the slope – blue, white, red… sharing a mulled wine, capturing photos of your youngest in their skis… Torchlit descents are full of magical moments.

By the kids…

What better to way to round off a week of lessons with the ESF than a torchlit descent? You can admire the lights of the torches zigzagging down the Olmet run. The youngest children will love having Pioupiou, the ski school’s adorable mascot, with them for their first torchlit descent. Your children, with their bright blue and red torches, will follow their instructor to trace beautiful winding lines down the slope. They’ll be proud to show off the progress they’ve made with their skiing and to wave their torches to create an unforgettable show together. The children’s descent is followed by the instructors’ show: your favorite instructors in their red jackets will display spectacular formations and different snow sports! 


And the instructors!

Did your children enjoy taking part in the torchlit descent but wish perhaps that they could have seen it too? No problem, the instructors’ torchlit descent will give you a chance to enjoy the experience again as a family. This synchronised descent is followed by a chance to socialise over hot drinks – hot chocolate and mulled wine provided by the resort’s businesses!

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