ExperienceDiscover a whitewater sport: canyoning

Discover a whitewater sport: canyoning

Oz 3300s is crisscrossed by several torrents and waterfalls, sources of freshness, places for contemplation or strolls. And if you’re thirsty for thrills, don’t hesitate to try your hand at canyoning and discover the Roubier torrent at the foot of the resort!


a bath of freshness

Take a descent into the heart of the picturesque Oz canyon, equipped with a special wetsuit, a helmet and the necessary safety equipment. You’ll enjoy a series of slides, small jumps and toboggans in a fun-filled course, an ideal torrent for a first discovery of canyoning.

An adventure


Accessible from age 10, experience this adventure with family or friends. The Oz 3300s canyon is great fun, with no rope handling or abseiling. Supervised by a professional, several half-day outings are offered every week. Take the plunge in complete safety, with our guides taking care of organization and safety. An ideal activity for hot summers and accessible to beginners.
You are entirely responsible for your own activities, and access to the canyon is regulated by municipal bylaw. Accompanied by a professional

The essentials…

I wouldn’t forget a pair of waterproof shoes, my neoprene wetsuit, a helmet, a water bottle, water, cereal bars for when you feel a bit peckish, a first aid kit, a windbreaker and fleece, a cell phone.