Experience High-altitude cross-country skiing
Ski De Fond @ Laurent SalinoSki De Fond @ Laurent Salino
©Ski De Fond @ Laurent Salino|Laurent SALINO

High-altitude cross-country skiing

Whether you want to experience cross-country skiing for the first time or develop your skills, you can do it at Oz 3300! Whether you choose the skating or classic technique, head to the Alpe d’Huez Grand Domaine area to glide freely on marked high-altitude trails!

A fun and sporty activity

There are two different styles of cross-country skiing: classic, in groomed tracks, or skating, where you slide by pushing your skis outwards (on one side and then the other, like when ice-skating or roller-blading). Cross-country skiing equipment comprises special, quite flexible boots, poles, and narrower, lighter skis than those used for Alpine skiing. This sport is great for your balance and endurance and engages a lot of your body (torso, thighs, abdominal muscles, etc.) More advanced cross-country skiers can work on techniques like ‘double poling’, very useful for gaining speed and sprinting or ‘kick double pole’ on flat land or slight uphill slopes.


The joys of high-altitude skiing 

Cross-country skiing is an enjoyable and sociable way to get away and rediscover nature. Away from the crowds, cross-country skiers get a sense of freedom. From Oz 3300 you can take a ski lift to get to cross-country trails at 2100m. The routes give you a magnificent view of the snow-covered plateaus and surrounding mountains. There are two routes to choose from: the Circuit des Lacs (20km, red level), a challenging, somewhat undulating trail, and the Boucle de Poutran (10km, blue level), suitable for all skill levels.


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